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The minimum order for a book at Printfactory is 1 ... YES only ONE (1) book.

Hardcover (Case bound), Softcover (PERFECT bound), Wire O and Spiral are some of the common types of book binding that we have.

We produce many kinds of books, from Notebooks to Story books, Photo Books to Pitch Books. We have a solution to meet your needs. Whether you are a seasoned design pro with existing artwork or just a novice, we can print your book.

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Case Study - Small Quantity / On Demand production of Self-Published-Author paperback novels.

Imagine your publisher getting your to outlay $5,000 to $10,000 into printing books. And then your books end up not selling at the bookstores. Even worse, what if the bookstores refuse to stock them ? Or you may be an aspiring author wanting to get your books printed.

We have on demand printing capabilities able to produce short run quantities from 50 books. We call it Print on Demand (POD) book printing. A typical quote would be 100 copies of a5 size book, full colour laminated cover with monochrome contents approx 150 pages = $7 per book.

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Case Study - Commemorative Product Launch Book

A customer ordered 200 hard cover books for their product launch. They had heads of states and even a president attending. The customer came to us 1 week before with nothing but a powerpoint file. We took their powerpoint file and did some layout so it could be printed into a book.

Spec - Hard cover, A4 size, full colour 40 pages printed on 250gsm TEXTURED fancy paper, done in time for the lauch party.

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