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Personalised / Custom Packaging at PrintFactory - D3 Solutions

Prices starting from as low as $0.80, these boxes / packaging are custom designed and printed specially for you.

Some of their uses include, Container for door gifts / confectioneries, Weddings / Engagments, Babies / Childrens Parties, Seasonal Gifts / Christmas / New Year, Product Packaging.


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Personalised / Custom Packaging CASE STUDY

This year for christmas / new year 2010 I printed a personalised packaging as a novelty gift for the chocolates that Jen and I were going to give to our friends. I got our designer to put Jen, and my photo + the dog onto the template and printed only 300 pieces. 150 or each design. One for christmas and the other for new year.

It was originally not meant as a commercial product. However, I got a bigger reaction from the box that from our home made chocolates that was contained in the box. The overwhelming response from our friends on how special it was and what a great idea it was got me thinking.

I would like to extend this customised printing service to anyone who would like to benefit from the impact custom printed packaging can offer.

It worked great for me - Zubinn / Business Development / PrintFactory - D3 Solutions