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Make variable data interesting, not just "NAME COMMA" !!

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Variable Data In Print

Variable data printing (VPD) is also known commenly as mail merge, personalisation, or serialisation printing. Whatever the term, we are experts at this. From serial numbers on coupons to barcodes to certificates to complex marketing collaterals we do it all.


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You may have already been exposed to VDP printing technology without realising it. Utility bills, telecommunication bills, bank statements even tax returns are pioneer uses of VDP.

We commonly print ...

barcodes, labels, accreditation passes, security wristbands, serialised registration forms, seralised vouchers, personalised collaterals, certificates, greeting cards, calendars.

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Variable Data in Marketing Communications

D3 Solutions - PrintFactory is a technology driven print solution provider. We have various end-to-end solutions to enable direct communication with your customers in a personalised one-to-one way which gives you the maximum impact via cross media integration data / print / web campaigns.

Marketers are recognising that many mass marketing strategies are struggling to achieve visible results and meet sales targets. Those ahead of the game have started focusing their communications to target the individual needs and preferences of their customers.

Our technology which involves cutting edge neural network algorithms allows analysis and segmentation of large datasets of CRM information to locate strategic trends in customer populations. Using state of the art VDP print offerings, we are able to provide enable effective communications by generating relevant content unique to each individual.

Much more than just name and address details, our creative personalisation technologies empowers marketing campaigns with the ability to manipulate content, imagery and emotion, in the same POD run in high quality and in full colour as often as required by the marketing campaign.

Wide range of customers from various industries, D3 Solutions is the source for high-quality graphic design, Internet printing and premium service. We offer small businesses and consumers a convenient, high-quality solution for graphic design services and full-color printing in small quantities, without the premium price.

If you would like to discuss further, our consultants can come share and discuss various options in greater detail.

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